How to Curl Your Hair with Straightener

How to Curl Hair with a Hair StraightenerDo you desire to change your look by giving a wavy lift to your hair? Do you know how to make loose curls and waves with a straightner within few minutes? First of all, here’s the list of things that you require:

  1. Styling iron with maximum 1 inch of width
  2. Shampoo with a moisturizer
  3. Hair Conditioner
  4. Hair styling lotion
  5. Wide-tooth comb

Here are step by step instructions for you to demonstrate how to use a hair straightener. These simple and quick steps can help you get the wavy look within few minutes.

  1. First of all, wash your hair using a good quality hair shampoo and then brush it dry.
  2. Next, part your hair by using hair bands or clips.
  3. Now, use a spray or a heat protector on your hair and get ready to straighten your hair.
  4. You should always start the hair straightening process from the bottom layer of your hair and then move upwards.

There are 2 methods to curl your hair. The steps of the first method are listed below:

Method 1

  1. Take a thin iron and clamp it at the bottom of your hair.
  2. Now, slowly curl your hair upwards and hold it for nearly 5 seconds or more.
  3. Once done, you need to gently remove the hair straightener.

Method 2

  1. Take a small section of hair and use a flexible hairspray.
  2. Next, put the flat iron nearly an inch from your scalp and rotate the iron around the selected section of your hair and gently move it towards the ends of your hair while rotating it gently.
  3. Remember, you need to keep twisting your hair while gently moving the iron on your scalp. This will help you create impressive curls within few minutes. If you gently run the hair straightener on your hair, you can create tighter curls. However, running it quickly on your hair, will help you get looser or wavy strands.
  4. The process should be performed from the bottom layer of your hair and then slowly move upward until all of your hair is curled.
  5. Use a hair spray so that you can hold your style a little longer.

There are certain tips that would help you get and maintain the curls for a longer duration. Some of these are as given below:

If you are trying to grow your hair long, you should avoid curling your hair. This is because curling may slow down the process and also burn your hair. Extremely hot irons can harm your hair if used in excess. Therefore, you should condition your hair well before using a ceramic hair iron.